How to count rows with changing data


Steve in MN

I have an imported list on sheet2 and it is maybe 100 rows. Each day the
data is imported the dates change along with the type of record associated
with each date.

Say this week there are 25 rows with 11/13, 20 rows with 11/14 and 25 rows
with 11/15 and 30 rows with 11/16. Mixed in with this each of these dates
might have a different type of record (each type has 4 options.)

I need to be able to do the following:

1.) I need to count the number of occurrences for each date and not only
show the total count but also show the date that is counted as the label.

2.)count the rows by date and type so I would have potentially 16 results
with totals and be able to display the results along with the labels being

Example 11/13 --Live -- 20 records
11/13--drop--15 records
11/14 --live--15 records
11/14--drop--12 records

Keep in mind that each day the date range changes, so this would involve
variables or something and I cant figure it out.

Any help would be appreciated.




Bernie Deitrick


Use a pivot table based on your imported data - use date at the row field,
type as either a row field or a column field, and any data type as the data
field, set to count.

There are many sources of help for pivot tables - start with Excel help,
then search the web if you get stuck.

MS Excel MVP

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