how to copy or move controls between forms or from form to Tab con


Barry A&P

I am trying to set up a more user friendly user interface for my database. I
have a main "switchboard" that opens on startup with buttons that open other
Sub "switchboards" based on subjects with more buttons to do stuff like open
reports, run queries Ect..

Ive ended up with a mess of these "switchboard" forms and all of this
me!close and Visible=false stuff to manage them and my users are rightfully
confused if menus just dissappear without the classic IE "Back" Button..

so i would like to migrate to a tabbed control on my main "switchboard" and
move all the sub switchboard controls to their corresponding tabs. I cant
seem to move buttons even from the same form that has the tab control, to the
tab control without having to cut and paste then re-establish the code. I am
currently stuck using 2000, but normally use 2003 or 2007 i notice the same
on all three versions,,

1.) should it be possible to drag the control from one part of a form onto
the tab control.

2.) is there a way to copy or import a control from a different form to the
tab control and bring its associated code also (without doing it all

3.) (not important) but why does the same issue happen if i add a control to
the detail of a report Via the "Field List" the label can not be moved to
the header without deleting and pasting it there.

Thanks for any help

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

The only thing that you can do without cutting and pasting controls and
having to recode, is to add subform controls to your tabs, and use your
existing forms as source objects for the subform controls.

Tom van Stiphout

On Thu, 14 Jan 2010 17:24:01 -0800, Barry A&P

The A2007 runtime is a free download.
Once everyone is on A2007, you can use a Ribbon and have a really nice
user interface that users are already used to or will soon be. The
ribbon is not going away - see Office 2010.

Microsoft Access MVP
Jun 21, 2012
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I've developed a layout assistant that lets you easily group controls and their positions. Functions first record the positions of all controls and you can then select and group the ones you wish to move or hide/show. It helps reduce issues with form complexity, so the more complex the form, the more it helps. Find it on our Access Developer's Tools page: Navigate to, then the resources page and then the access developers page.This is a free sample database with no strings attached. Hope it helps anyone who stumbles on this posting. The tool is called "Layout Assistant".

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