How to convert Word 2007 files back to Word 2003......



My Vista laptop came with a trial version of Word 2007 installed. I have been
using Word 2003 for some time now and it works fine for me. Somehow, and I am
not quite sure how it happened, my Word 2003 files were converted to Word
2007. To the best of my knowledge I didn't do anything to request this, but I
suspect I probably unknowingly did just that. I would like to know how this
could have happened and how to switch them back to Word 2003.



Graham Mayor

What do you mean by 'converted to Word 2007'? Are you saying they are now in
docx format or are you saying that clicking a document in Explorer opens
Word 2007?

If the former, then you will need to Save As Word 97-2003 format from Word
2007 (or from 2003 with compatibility pack).

My guess is the latter, which means that you have opened Word 2007 and
allowed it to reconfigure to snatch the doc file association for itself.

It is possible to have both apps working side by side - see for the registry changes -
but if you don't want to persist with the 2007 trial, uninstall it then
reregister Word 2003. See

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