How to convert numbered cells into blank



Hi I would like to know how do i convert a blank cell to a 'completely' blank
cell. The blank cell is generated under the IF logic (under the " "); but
though we see in as a blank cell it is not completely blank. I need it to be
completely blank so I can plot the graph as non continous, rather than
registering as zero. Thanks for your help in advance.





Daniel Collison

There is a very useful discussion of this problem on a post titled "How do I
return 'leave cell blank' using IF logic" dated 4/8/2008. joeu2004
contributes to the post with the following:

Let me clarify. Suppose A1 contains =if(isblank(B1),"",today()), and
suppose B1 is blank. A1 will __appear__ blank. But if A2 contains
=if(isblank(A1),"",today()), A2 will display TODAY() because A1 is not
"blank" in the sense that Excel uses the term. ("Blank" means empty
-- no formula or value.)

In my example, the following is more robust:

A1: =if(B1="", "", today())
A2: =if(A1="", "", today())

B1="" is true if B1 is empty (no formula or value) and if B1 contains
a null string (""), either the result of a formula like above or ="".

Note, however, that B1="" is __not__ true if B1 contains a string of
blanks (e.g. " "), even though that also appears "blank". For that,
you need:

=if(trim(B1)="", "", today())


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