How to convert AU, AIFF, WAV to MP3



How to convert AU, AIFF, WAV to MP3

The AU audio format originates from SUN and is desined for UNIX
operating system. The internet is still dominated by UNIX-based
servers, and so AU is much used. Most browsers support the AU file
format by default. This ensures that in principle it is the most
widely supported and therefore safest to use. The au files are
relatively small because of the compression method and they can
therefor be downloaded rather quickly, so it can be best used for
sound effects like clicks and gongs and for speech.

The sound format developed by apple for use in mac operating system is
AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format). AIFF contains information about
the number of channels (mono or stereo), bits per sample depth (the
more bits used, the more accurate the resulting output will be) and
sample rate (the number of samples of a sound per second).

WAV (or WAVE), short for Waveform audio format, is a Microsoft and IBM
audio file format standard for storing an audio bitstream on PCs.
Though a WAV file can hold compressed audio (alaw, ulaw, ima adpcm,
creative adpcm, microsoft adpcm), the most common WAV format contains
uncompressed audio in the linear pulse code modulation (LPCM) format.
The standard audio file format for CDs, for example, is LPCM-encoded,
containing two channels of 44,100 samples per second, 16 bits per

Follow the steps below to convert AU, AIFF, WAV files to MP3.

Converting AU, AIFF, WAV to MP3 using Eufony Audio Converter

1. After launch Eufony, In the folders pane, click on the folder
contains AU, AIFF, WAV files you want to convert to MP3.
2. In the file list pane, select one or more AU, AIFF, WAV files.
3. Right click on the selected AU, AIFF, WAV files to bring up the
context menu and select Convert.
4. In the Audio Format Conversion window, select MP3 from the Output-
Format list.
5. If you want to change the output quality, select the Custom radio
button. (optional)
6. If you want to change the destination folder for MP3, click on the
Browse icon button to change. (optional)
7. Click Convert to start converting.

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