How to connect Outlook 2007 to Exchange Server?


T. Ferguson


tired of using Outlook Web Access, i am trying to connect my home PC (via
DSL) to my company Exchange server.

With my Windows Mobile 6 phone it was extremely easy:

Server address:
User name: jdoe
Password: *******

Done. Works like a charm.

Now, with Outlook 2007, I'm stuck. I go to Mail, E-mail Accounts, New,
Exchange, Next, Manually configure... , Exchange, Next.

Here I can enter the server address and the user name, but there is no field
for the Domain.
Also, in "More Settings", I cannot find the Domain field. I have now tried
to play around with all the different settings available, especially in the
"Connections" tab (for example in Outlook anywhere, tried entering the into the proxy field, tried all different settings for SSL,
Authentification etc), but I cannot get it done.

Why oh why is it so much more difficult than with my phone? Can anyone help?

Thanks so much



Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

The problem is that the full Outlook client requires a dozen or so ports
opened on your Company firewall, something your IT folks will be VERY loath
to do. There are two "sanctioned" ways to use Outlook from home:

1. By first creating and opening a VPN tunnel to your Company network.
2. By using RPC over HTTP.

Item 1 is the easiest, all it requires of your Company firewall is VPN
access. Item 2 is a feature supplied by the Exchange Server and it must be
enabled and setup by your Exchange admin. You might want to check with him
to see if he's set this up; if he has, he can provide you all the details
you need to setup Outlook to use it.

Hal Hostetler, CPBE -- (e-mail address removed)
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T. Ferguson

Thank you very much for the quick reply. I will annoy my bofh with this next
week :)

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