How to change format protection default to unlocked?


Joe User

Apparently, by default, all cells in a worksheet are locked (Format > Cells
Protection). Consequently, when I set worksheet protection (Tools >
Protection > Protect Sheet > Password), all cells are protected.

I want to protect just 4 cells. So I think I want the default for all cells
to be unlocked. Then I would lock the 4 cells and set worksheet protection.

Of course, I could manually select every cell in the worksheet (A1:IV65536)
and change the Protection format to unlock. But besides being a "pain", it
appears to increase the worksheet size "unnecessarily".

Is there a better way to change the default cell protection to unlocked?




Just Press Cntrl+A and now all of the cells in the Activesheet will be
selected then Do Right Click>>Format Cells>>Protection>>Uncheck the Locked
Check box and give ok.

Now hold Cntrl and take your mouse and click the cells which needs to be
Locked. After selection do Right Click>>Format Cells>>Protection>>check the
Locked Check box and give ok.

Now press Alt+T+P+P and give your desired password twice and give ok.

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Gord Dibben

You can select all cells on a sheet using Ctrl + a(twice in Excel 2003)

Or clicking on the intesection button left of A and above 1

If you go to Tools>Customize>Commands>Format and scroll down you will find a
padlock icon.

Move it to your Toolbar.

After selecting all cells simply click on the padlock.

It toggles "locked" off/on.

To have the default for each sheet to be unlocked you would need to create a
new default Template for new workbooks/worksheets.

If you want that see this message.*Excel*+author:gord+author:dibben

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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