How to center a web page?



In design mode in Frontpage 2002, my work appears centered in the normal and
preview views. But when I publish the page to the web and view it with IE 6,
it looks like the pictures and text of the web page are not centered in the
browser window. I was designing the page in screen mode 800 x 600.

I tried using a simple table and pasting my pictures and text and links into
the cells. But in design mode in FrontPage 2002 I even 'select all' and then
click on the 'center' paragraph button; there is no extra room in the
horizontal scroll bar and the page looks centered. But I am able to extend
the right margin. But how do I center my page in design mode so when it is
viewed by someone on the internet, it will look like the page is centered?




Thomas A. Rowe

You have to select the table cell, the cell properties, then set your alignment, not the paragraph
centering command.

Thomas A. Rowe (Microsoft MVP - FrontPage)
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