How to avoid having to click Allow each time




I have an Access macro that sends a different Access report to many
different people on Outlook via a Send Object action.

Yet each time the Send Object action is taken during the macro run, I get an
Outlook message that states:

"A program is trying to send an e-mail message on your behalf. If this is
unexpected, click Deny...."

I have to click the "Allow" button for each report to be sent while the
macro can I avoid that and just have reports get sent via the Send
Object action without me having to click Allow?

thank you!

May 27, 2011
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I have used click yes before and it works well for me as long as I bring it up before I open Outlook.

Now I am installing a PC with Win 7 64 bit and Office 10 64 bit. Click Yes does not work with the Office 10 64 bit. I need to find a new product. Any ideas?:confused:

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