How-to apply conditional format



I have a list of attendance at my schools' chess club. I'd like to
highlight those that have been absent for the past 3 meetings, as they
are now eligible to be replaced by kids on the waiting list.

Any idea how I can write a conditional format to check ideally the row
for check marks and highlight the Name cell if three consecutive
cells are not checked or alternatively (2nd prize) if the total of
attendances are 3 less than the maximum number of attendances.

Also fine if I can get the bottom 15% of attendance and highlight
their names.

I had a conditional formula on the Name cells that had an =if()
statement on the cell counting the number of attendances, but that was
not the same as the bottom 15%. So if I can just figure out the
formula to put in the conditional format that would evaluate to True
if the attendance count is in the bottom 15%.



I think you need to describe how your data is arranged - what columns/
rows you use and how it is laid out. We can't "see" your worksheet.


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