How to append second column to first column.



Hi there,

I have four fields in my table and I am trying to move my two fields
(right most) and append to the left most two fields. I am trying this
from VBA macro (i have some knowledge in Excel macro) but i am not
able to do so. Here is what i want....

Table AA
Col1A Col1B Col2C Col2D
Row1 1 2 3 4
Row2 5 6 7 8

I am tying to get something like this... (numbers are random)

Table AA
Col1A Col1B
Row1 1 2
Row2 5 6
Row3 3 4
Row4 7 8

I will greatly appreciate your help!



Well, I figure out myself. Thanks for not answering coz i got change
to learn more!!!

I just used INSERT twice and that did the trick.

Thanks anyways.

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