How to Add Costume Prerequisites in Click once deployment



I create one smart client application that require some COM Component .
so I create .msi setup for above application how to add in Prerequisites for
smart client once click Deployment.

Harshad Prajapati


You need to get the Bootstrapper Manifest Generator. This is from Brian
Noyes's blog. He wrote a ClickOnce book (an excellent and thorough
reference, by the way, and well worth the money):

In my ClickOnce book, I talk about David Guyer's excellent tool for creating
Bootstrapper manifests for a custom bootstrapper item for your ClickOnce
deployed applications. The URL I gave in the book is no longer valid, the
BMG has been moved to codeplex at the following address:

Basically, this tool gives you a nice dialog driven interface on the XML
manifest files that make it so you can just check a box in Visual Studio
(the Publish tab of project properties, Prerequisites button) to select your
custom installers to be included in the bootstrapper setup.exe that is
generated by ClickOnce.

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