How to add another section?



There are five sections named report header, report footer, page header, page
footer, detail in one report. I want to add another section, or maybe it is a
form in the report, I am not sure.
My end goal is in the design view you will see
report header
page header
new added section header
new added section footer
page footer
report footer
How can I make it. Thanks a lot.

Allen Browne

Create a new group header and footer:

1. Open the report in design view.

2. Open the Sorting And Grouping dialog (View menu.)

3. Enter the field name you wish to group on, and choose Yes in the lower
pane of the dialog for Group Header and Group Footer.

If you don't have a field you wish to group by, you can add one to the query
that feeds your report. For example, type this into a fresh column in the
Field row in query design:
AlwaysFalse: False
You can then group on the AlwaysFalse field, and it will occur only once in
the report.

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