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How can I access another application window's Text? It is ilistview if seen
by spy++.

I know we have to get the windows handle and read the text.

But I cannot seem to find any c# code for that.

Any ideas ? suggestions ? Demos ?

Thank You
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Hi Hemang
if I got what you want correctly , then . For managed code you can use
something like the .net reflector . Check . it reverse engineer the PL to either
C# or . still it is not almost 100% accurate and you still can
confiscate your code so such operations wouldn't work .
hope this helps
Mohamed M .Mahfouz
Developer Support Engineer
ITWorx on behalf of Microsoft EMEA GTSC

Hemang Shah

I do not want to reverse engineer the target application.

I want to access some text of the target application when it is running from
my C# Application

Using the API GetWindowText and so on.

I'm looking for a sample code for that.



Hemang Shah


What I want to do is access the text on another application's form which is

Not the source code.a

We do it by using the windows handle & "GetWindowText" I think

But I was looking for some c# example on that.


Hemang Shah

Any c# sample application anywhere?

Can I get even child windows ? which has an ilist control?

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