how make a select with a AND in columns




I'm creating a query to support a form. That form allows the users to make
some searchs.

To make those searchs I'm using this criteria: Like "*" &
[forms]![37_form_PesquisaArtigos_Expedicao]![artigo] & "*"

But there's a problem.

I have a column in my form that is a select column type Yes/No.

I would like that when I apply a filter/criteria that also includes all the
selected ones.

Image that I have 10 records selected.

5 for country USA and 5 for country UK.

When I make a search for country using UK, it shows all records of UK, the 5
selected records and the ones not selected. The 5 records selected for USA
are not shown.

What I want is that when I make a criteria in my query, and I'll apply the
UK criteria, I would like that appears me all records selects, no matter the
country and the unselected records that belong to UK.

Is it possible?


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