how interest is calculated for running balances



i have transaction date in column A balance in column B
i need to calculate interest on minimum balance in a month and calculate
year interest
tranction date credit debit balance
10-Jan-07 Rs.7,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.7,800.00
10-Jan-07 Rs.9,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.17,200.00
11-Jan-07 Rs.2,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.20,000.00
11-Jan-07 Rs.3,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.23,000.00
11-Jan-07 Rs.5,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.28,200.00
11-Jan-07 Rs.5,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.33,600.00
11-Jan-07 Rs.6,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.39,600.00
11-Jan-07 Rs.6,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.46,400.00
11-Jan-07 Rs.7,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.53,600.00
11-Jan-07 Rs.8,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.62,200.00
11-Jan-07 Rs.9,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.71,200.00
11-Jan-07 Rs.9,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.80,800.00
11-Jan-07 Rs.10,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.91,000.00
11-Jan-07 Rs.10,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.101,600.00
11-Jan-07 Rs.12,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.113,800.00
11-Jan-07 Rs.12,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.126,200.00
11-Jan-07 Rs.13,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.139,600.00
11-Jan-07 Rs.13,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.153,200.00
11-Jan-07 Rs.21,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.174,600.00
12-Jan-07 Rs.2,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.177,000.00
12-Jan-07 Rs.6,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.183,000.00
12-Jan-07 Rs.11,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.194,200.00
13-Jan-07 Rs.9,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.203,800.00
13-Jan-07 Rs.10,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.214,000.00
17-Jan-07 Rs.10,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.224,200.00
17-Jan-07 Rs.355,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.579,200.00
18-Jan-07 Rs.8,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.588,000.00
06-Feb-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.159,400.00 Rs.428,600.00
09-Feb-07 Rs.7,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.436,400.00
09-Feb-07 Rs.21,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.457,800.00
12-Feb-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.16,000.00 Rs.441,800.00
12-Feb-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.31,800.00 Rs.410,000.00
12-Feb-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.73,400.00 Rs.336,600.00
12-Feb-07 Rs.2,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.339,400.00
12-Feb-07 Rs.3,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.342,400.00
12-Feb-07 Rs.5,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.347,600.00
12-Feb-07 Rs.6,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.353,600.00
12-Feb-07 Rs.6,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.360,400.00
12-Feb-07 Rs.7,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.367,600.00
12-Feb-07 Rs.8,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.376,200.00
12-Feb-07 Rs.8,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.385,000.00
12-Feb-07 Rs.9,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.394,000.00
12-Feb-07 Rs.10,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.404,200.00
12-Feb-07 Rs.11,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.415,400.00
12-Feb-07 Rs.12,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.428,000.00
13-Feb-07 Rs.6,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.434,600.00
13-Feb-07 Rs.9,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.444,200.00
13-Feb-07 Rs.10,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.454,400.00
13-Feb-07 Rs.12,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.466,800.00
13-Feb-07 Rs.13,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.480,200.00
13-Feb-07 Rs.13,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.493,800.00
14-Feb-07 Rs.2,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.496,200.00
14-Feb-07 Rs.5,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.501,600.00
14-Feb-07 Rs.9,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.511,000.00
14-Feb-07 Rs.9,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.520,600.00
14-Feb-07 Rs.10,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.531,200.00
19-Feb-07 Rs.6,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.538,000.00
26-Feb-07 Rs.12,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.550,200.00
26-Feb-07 Rs.21,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.572,000.00
26-Feb-07 Rs.35,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.607,200.00
26-Feb-07 Rs.61,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.669,000.00
05-Mar-07 Rs.200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.669,200.00
05-Mar-07 Rs.400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.669,600.00
06-Mar-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.16,000.00 Rs.653,600.00
06-Mar-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.31,800.00 Rs.621,800.00
06-Mar-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.73,400.00 Rs.548,400.00
06-Mar-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.159,400.00 Rs.389,000.00
09-Mar-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.400.00 Rs.388,600.00
12-Mar-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.400.00 Rs.388,200.00
12-Mar-07 Rs.8,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.397,000.00
12-Mar-07 Rs.10,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.407,000.00
12-Mar-07 Rs.21,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.428,000.00
13-Mar-07 Rs.6,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.434,000.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.2,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.436,400.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.2,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.439,200.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.3,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.442,200.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.5,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.447,400.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.5,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.452,800.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.6,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.458,800.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.6,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.465,400.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.6,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.472,200.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.7,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.479,800.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.8,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.488,400.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.9,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.497,400.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.9,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.506,800.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.9,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.516,400.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.10,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.526,600.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.10,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.537,200.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.10,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.548,000.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.11,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.559,200.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.12,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.571,600.00
14-Mar-07 Rs.13,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.585,000.00
16-Mar-07 Rs.7,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.592,000.00
16-Mar-07 Rs.10,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.602,200.00
17-Mar-07 Rs.9,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.611,400.00
20-Mar-07 Rs.50.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.611,450.00
21-Mar-07 Rs.13,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.624,850.00
03-Apr-07 Rs.800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.625,650.00
03-Apr-07 Rs.2,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.628,450.00
03-Apr-07 Rs.5,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.633,450.00
03-Apr-07 Rs.6,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.639,850.00
03-Apr-07 Rs.6,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.646,450.00
03-Apr-07 Rs.7,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.653,450.00
03-Apr-07 Rs.8,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.661,650.00
03-Apr-07 Rs.8,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.670,250.00
03-Apr-07 Rs.8,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.679,050.00
03-Apr-07 Rs.10,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.689,050.00
03-Apr-07 Rs.10,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.699,650.00
03-Apr-07 Rs.11,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.710,850.00
03-Apr-07 Rs.13,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.724,650.00
03-Apr-07 Rs.14,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.738,650.00
03-Apr-07 Rs.14,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.753,050.00
07-Apr-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.15,400.00 Rs.737,650.00
07-Apr-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.29,400.00 Rs.708,250.00
07-Apr-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.61,800.00 Rs.646,450.00
07-Apr-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.139,800.00 Rs.506,650.00
07-Apr-07 Rs.4,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.511,250.00
07-Apr-07 Rs.6,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.517,250.00
07-Apr-07 Rs.7,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.524,450.00
07-Apr-07 Rs.8,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.533,250.00
07-Apr-07 Rs.9,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.542,450.00
07-Apr-07 Rs.9,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.551,850.00
07-Apr-07 Rs.9,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.561,450.00
07-Apr-07 Rs.10,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.571,450.00
07-Apr-07 Rs.21,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.592,450.00
09-Apr-07 Rs.13,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.605,850.00
10-Apr-07 Rs.2,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.608,050.00
10-Apr-07 Rs.3,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.611,050.00
10-Apr-07 Rs.6,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.617,850.00
12-Apr-07 Rs.400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.618,250.00
13-Apr-07 Rs.3,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.621,650.00
16-Apr-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.55,000.00 Rs.566,650.00
30-Apr-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.59,400.00 Rs.507,250.00
30-Apr-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.205,200.00 Rs.302,050.00
02-May-07 Rs.200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.302,250.00
02-May-07 Rs.2,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.305,050.00
02-May-07 Rs.4,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.309,650.00
02-May-07 Rs.5,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.314,650.00
02-May-07 Rs.6,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.320,650.00
02-May-07 Rs.6,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.327,050.00
02-May-07 Rs.6,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.333,650.00
02-May-07 Rs.7,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.340,850.00
02-May-07 Rs.8,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.349,450.00
02-May-07 Rs.9,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.358,850.00
02-May-07 Rs.9,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.368,450.00
02-May-07 Rs.11,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.379,650.00
02-May-07 Rs.12,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.391,650.00
02-May-07 Rs.13,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.405,050.00
02-May-07 Rs.13,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.418,650.00
02-May-07 Rs.13,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.432,450.00
02-May-07 Rs.14,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.446,450.00
02-May-07 Rs.14,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.460,850.00
02-May-07 Rs.24,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.485,250.00
03-May-07 Rs.2,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.487,450.00
03-May-07 Rs.13,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.501,050.00
03-May-07 Rs.14,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.515,450.00
04-May-07 Rs.6,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.522,250.00
05-May-07 Rs.9,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.531,650.00
05-May-07 Rs.11,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.542,850.00
07-May-07 Rs.800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.543,650.00
07-May-07 Rs.9,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.553,450.00
29-May-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.19,800.00 Rs.533,650.00
29-May-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.44,400.00 Rs.489,250.00
30-May-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.70,200.00 Rs.419,050.00
30-May-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.147,400.00 Rs.271,650.00
01-Jun-07 Rs.800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.272,450.00
01-Jun-07 Rs.3,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.275,450.00
01-Jun-07 Rs.4,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.280,050.00
01-Jun-07 Rs.6,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.286,050.00
01-Jun-07 Rs.6,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.292,650.00
01-Jun-07 Rs.6,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.299,450.00
01-Jun-07 Rs.7,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.306,650.00
01-Jun-07 Rs.9,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.315,650.00
01-Jun-07 Rs.9,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.325,450.00
01-Jun-07 Rs.11,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.336,650.00
01-Jun-07 Rs.13,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.350,250.00
01-Jun-07 Rs.13,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.364,050.00
01-Jun-07 Rs.24,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.388,450.00
02-Jun-07 Rs.2,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.390,650.00
02-Jun-07 Rs.8,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.399,250.00
02-Jun-07 Rs.9,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.408,850.00
02-Jun-07 Rs.9,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.418,650.00
02-Jun-07 Rs.14,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.433,050.00
02-Jun-07 Rs.19,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.452,650.00
04-Jun-07 Rs.1,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.453,850.00
04-Jun-07 Rs.2,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.456,650.00
04-Jun-07 Rs.7,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.463,850.00
04-Jun-07 Rs.7,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.471,450.00
04-Jun-07 Rs.9,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.480,850.00
04-Jun-07 Rs.9,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.490,650.00
04-Jun-07 Rs.12,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.502,650.00
04-Jun-07 Rs.13,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.516,250.00
04-Jun-07 Rs.14,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.531,050.00
05-Jun-07 Rs.14,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.545,450.00
06-Jun-07 Rs.3,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.549,050.00
15-Jun-07 Rs.800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.549,850.00
15-Jun-07 Rs.1,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.551,050.00
15-Jun-07 Rs.4,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.555,050.00
29-Jun-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.44,400.00 Rs.510,650.00
29-Jun-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.70,200.00 Rs.440,450.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.19,400.00 Rs.421,050.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.147,400.00 Rs.273,650.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.2,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.275,850.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.3,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.278,850.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.6,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.284,850.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.6,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.291,450.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.6,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.298,250.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.7,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.305,250.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.7,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.312,450.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.8,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.320,850.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.9,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.330,450.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.9,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.340,250.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.10,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.350,250.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.11,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.361,450.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.11,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.373,250.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.12,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.385,250.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.14,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.399,650.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.14,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.414,450.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.16,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.430,650.00
03-Jul-07 Rs.24,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.454,650.00
04-Jul-07 Rs.800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.455,450.00
04-Jul-07 Rs.5,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.461,050.00
04-Jul-07 Rs.7,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.468,250.00
04-Jul-07 Rs.8,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.476,250.00
04-Jul-07 Rs.8,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.485,050.00
04-Jul-07 Rs.9,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.494,650.00
04-Jul-07 Rs.13,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.508,050.00
04-Jul-07 Rs.14,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.522,250.00
04-Jul-07 Rs.15,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.537,250.00
09-Jul-07 Rs.9,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.547,050.00
14-Jul-07 Rs.80.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.547,130.00
30-Jul-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.276,800.00 Rs.270,330.00
31-Jul-07 Rs.5,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.275,930.00
31-Jul-07 Rs.7,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.282,930.00
31-Jul-07 Rs.7,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.290,130.00
31-Jul-07 Rs.7,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.297,730.00
31-Jul-07 Rs.8,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.305,730.00
31-Jul-07 Rs.8,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.314,130.00
31-Jul-07 Rs.8,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.322,930.00
31-Jul-07 Rs.9,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.332,130.00
31-Jul-07 Rs.9,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.341,730.00
31-Jul-07 Rs.13,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.355,130.00
31-Jul-07 Rs.14,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.369,930.00
31-Jul-07 Rs.24,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.393,930.00
01-Aug-07 Rs.3,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.396,930.00
01-Aug-07 Rs.5,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.402,730.00
01-Aug-07 Rs.6,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.408,730.00
01-Aug-07 Rs.6,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.415,330.00
01-Aug-07 Rs.9,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.424,930.00
01-Aug-07 Rs.10,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.434,930.00
01-Aug-07 Rs.11,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.446,130.00
01-Aug-07 Rs.11,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.457,930.00
01-Aug-07 Rs.12,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.469,930.00
01-Aug-07 Rs.14,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.484,330.00
01-Aug-07 Rs.15,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.500,130.00
02-Aug-07 Rs.2,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.502,330.00
02-Aug-07 Rs.13,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.516,130.00
02-Aug-07 Rs.16,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.532,530.00
03-Aug-07 Rs.6,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.539,130.00
28-Aug-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.113,800.00 Rs.425,330.00
30-Aug-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.172,200.00 Rs.253,130.00
01-Sep-07 Rs.7,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.260,130.00
01-Sep-07 Rs.7,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.267,930.00
01-Sep-07 Rs.8,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.276,330.00
01-Sep-07 Rs.8,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.285,130.00
01-Sep-07 Rs.9,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.294,730.00
01-Sep-07 Rs.11,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.305,930.00
01-Sep-07 Rs.11,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.317,730.00
01-Sep-07 Rs.13,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.330,930.00
01-Sep-07 Rs.14,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.345,330.00
01-Sep-07 Rs.15,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.361,130.00
01-Sep-07 Rs.16,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.377,130.00
03-Sep-07 Rs.5,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.382,730.00
03-Sep-07 Rs.7,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.389,930.00
03-Sep-07 Rs.8,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.398,730.00
03-Sep-07 Rs.11,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.410,530.00
03-Sep-07 Rs.13,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.424,330.00
03-Sep-07 Rs.14,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.438,930.00
03-Sep-07 Rs.23,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.462,730.00
04-Sep-07 Rs.2,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.464,930.00
04-Sep-07 Rs.5,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.470,730.00
04-Sep-07 Rs.6,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.477,330.00
04-Sep-07 Rs.12,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.489,330.00
05-Sep-07 Rs.11,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.500,730.00
11-Sep-07 Rs.7,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.508,330.00
11-Sep-07 Rs.8,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.517,130.00
11-Sep-07 Rs.9,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.526,730.00
01-Oct-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.286,000.00 Rs.240,730.00
01-Oct-07 Rs.120.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.240,850.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.400.00 Rs.240,450.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.2,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.242,650.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.5,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.248,250.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.5,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.254,050.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.6,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.260,650.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.7,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.267,650.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.7,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.274,850.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.7,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.282,450.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.8,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.290,650.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.8,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.299,450.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.9,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.309,050.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.11,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.320,450.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.11,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.332,250.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.12,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.344,250.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.13,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.357,450.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.13,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.371,250.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.14,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.385,650.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.15,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.401,450.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.16,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.417,450.00
03-Oct-07 Rs.23,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.440,850.00
05-Oct-07 Rs.7,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.448,650.00
05-Oct-07 Rs.11,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.459,850.00
31-Oct-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.300,600.00 Rs.159,250.00
02-Nov-07 Rs.6,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.165,850.00
02-Nov-07 Rs.7,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.173,050.00
02-Nov-07 Rs.7,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.180,650.00
02-Nov-07 Rs.9,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.190,050.00
02-Nov-07 Rs.11,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.201,850.00
02-Nov-07 Rs.13,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.215,050.00
02-Nov-07 Rs.13,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.228,850.00
02-Nov-07 Rs.15,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.244,450.00
02-Nov-07 Rs.15,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.260,250.00
02-Nov-07 Rs.20,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.281,050.00
02-Nov-07 Rs.23,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.304,650.00
03-Nov-07 Rs.8,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.312,650.00
03-Nov-07 Rs.11,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.324,050.00
03-Nov-07 Rs.16,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.340,850.00
03-Nov-07 Rs.17,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.358,450.00
05-Nov-07 Rs.8,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.367,250.00
05-Nov-07 Rs.26,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.393,650.00
05-Nov-07 Rs.31,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.424,850.00
06-Nov-07 Rs.2,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.427,050.00
06-Nov-07 Rs.22,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.449,650.00
01-Dec-07 Rs.80.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.449,730.00
05-Dec-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.298,200.00 Rs.151,530.00
07-Dec-07 Rs.0.00 Rs.600.00 Rs.150,930.00
07-Dec-07 Rs.7,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.158,130.00
07-Dec-07 Rs.7,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.165,730.00
07-Dec-07 Rs.8,000.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.173,730.00
07-Dec-07 Rs.9,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.183,130.00
07-Dec-07 Rs.11,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.194,530.00
07-Dec-07 Rs.11,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.206,330.00
07-Dec-07 Rs.13,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.219,530.00
07-Dec-07 Rs.15,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.235,130.00
07-Dec-07 Rs.16,400.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.251,530.00
07-Dec-07 Rs.20,800.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.272,330.00
07-Dec-07 Rs.23,600.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.295,930.00
07-Dec-07 Rs.30,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.326,130.00
08-Dec-07 Rs.2,200.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.328,330.00



Fred Smith

When is interest calculated? Monthly? At the end of the month?
When is interest credited? Monthly? Annually?

If it's calculated monthly and credited monthly, at the end of the month,
you would enter a new transaction on 31-Jan with a formula like:


To sum the interest for the year, I would add a transaction code on each
line, using INT in the case of interest, and then use Sumif.


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