How does Win2000/NTFS deal with bad sectors?



What happens when Windows 2000 tries to write data to a bad sector on a hard
drive formatted as NTFS? Does it know that the sector is bad and then tries
to write the data to another sector, or does it just write the data to the bad
sector without knowing that its bad?

Also, what happens when Windows 2000 tries to read data from a bad sector?
Will it give an error, or does it just read whatever comes out of the sector?

Yesterday I discovered my hard drive has bad sectors, and a few days ago I had
defragmented it. Is it possible that some data had been sitting on the bad
sectors, and then the defragging utility read the data, got the wrong value,
and wrote the wrong value to another area of the disk, and now my data is


Hd's go bad and fail.
If your data isn't backed up, do it yesterday!!, and buy a new disk.
Its too late to concern yourself with how bad sectors are handled.
The HD manu checking utility, available on their web site may help.

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