How Do You Turn A Partial Row Of Sheet Cells A Color From A UserForm




I am using a UserForm to enter data into a series of sheets labeled by
month and year. When I hit the save button, the data that I entered
into the UserForm is transported to the bottom of the correct sheet,
then sorted. The UserForm then cycles, closing then reopening
(resetting everything). My problem is that I have used up the three
conditions under Conditional Formatting and need to color the row that
I just pasted.

I am not sure what is the best way to do this.

Any help would be most appreciated.




Hey Bob,

I tried to use the CFP Add In and I could not copy the first row down.
I placed the same two conditions into 23 cells on the 2nd row.

So far, so good.

I tried to use the Copy Format choice under the Special Function
choice in the CFP menu item.

This is where it got weird! Some of the cells copied ok. But there
does not seem to be any consistency as to how the formats copy.
sometimes the cell numbers advance and sometimes they don't!

What am I lacking????

The two conditions are as follows:

=AND('Jan-94'!C2="", 'Jan-94'!H2="Callahan, Nancy") <This
turns the cell Yellow
=AND('Jan-94'!C2="", NOT('Jan-94'!H2="")This one turns the
cell a light Purple.

Anyone have any ides as to how to fix what it is that is wrong

Any help is appreciated.



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