How do you format a larger font for cell comments ?



The text in the Excel-2007 cell comment box is too small for me to read. I
know how to go into individual comments and select the text to format and
then specify a larger font. However, this is very tedious to do with each
comment individually. Is there a way to set a larger font for comment text
as an Excel default or can I at least specify larger text fonts for comments
as a default for the individual worksheets ?





I don't think there is anyway to set the default font for just comments.
You might be able to modify a Windows setting but that would impact a lot
more than just comments.

The best I can suggest is
1. Display all comments - View, Comments
2. Format one of the comments
3. Click the edge of the comment - it border
4. Double-click the Format Painter - the paint brush on the standard toolbar
5. Click each comment.

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