How do you fire HTML events using Excel to automate IE?




I'm trying to automate a web form-filling process by using Excel to control
IE, similar to the way discussed in the most helpful "Web Browser Question"
thread found here:

The website has 2 combo/dropdown boxes called "Name" and the 2nd called
"Type". In all cases, I would like to set the "Type" to 'Other'.

The problem is that the value of Type equating to 'Other' changes depending
on the value of Name. So for example, if Name.value="A" then the 'Other'
option for Type is set to "X". But if Name.value="B" then to choose 'Other'
we need Type.value="Y".

Having looked through the HTML source code, I have identified that this
assignment is done in a Name_onchange() event, fired when the *selection* of
Name is changed. Therefore, changing the value of Name in code using


unfortunately does not cause this event to fire, meaning that the 'Other'
option for Type will never have been set to "X", hence the line


will fail to set Type to 'Other'.

So my question is: What line(s) of code do I need to have IE recognise that
the Name value has changed, therefore firing the the Name_onchange() event?
Would I need something like a Name.Select="A" (don't know the syntax so I
can't get this working...) to simulate a manual selection, or something else?
I would really appreciate any ideas and help!! Thanks very much in advance


Hi Shetty,

Firstly many thanks for your reply, and many thanks for your very detailed
and helpful replies in "Web Browser Question"!

Yes, the site uses Javascript, but I'm still a little confused...I'm a
newbie to automation, so please bear with me... :)

So if the list for "Type" is generated in the "Name_onchange()" event when
the dropdown selection for "Name" is changed, how should I modify my code
(below) to fire this?

At the moment I have:

Sub Test()

Dim IE as InternetExplorer
Dim MyCtrl as Object

Set MyCtrl = IE.Document.All.Item("Name")
MyCtrl.Value = "A"

End Sub

Unforunately, as you probably realise, this doesn't fire the event. Where
should I insert the ".Navigate Javascript" command, and could you please help
me specify the correct syntax?

I really appreciate your help- thankyou!

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