How do you add gridlines?



I have Excel 2002, and I added a new worksheet to my workbook, but it came up
blank, with no gridlines. I really like gridlines, but can not find a way to
add them. (I am not talking about adding borders.) I tried changing the
show/hide gridlines under "tools", "options", "view" but since there are no
gridlines to show or hide, it had no effect. Just to verify, I copied some
cells from a worksheet with gridlines, and pasted them into the workbook, and
they did show and hide when I changed the above settings back and forth, but
only for the cells I pasted into.

How do I add (or delete) gridlines to the whole worksheet



Niek Otten

Maybe Tools>Options>View, change the color of the gridlines to something
other than white?


Kind Regards,

Niek Otten

Microsoft MVP - Excel

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