How do re-order values assigned by Excel for chart data?



I am creating a chart to compare values year over year. Ordering in the
worksheet reads Dec-Jan Left to Right. When I select the series in chart
wizard, excel is assigning Jan as value 12, Feb as value 11, etc with Dec as
1. Then I attempt to add Jan and Feb of 2006 and it assigns Feb as value 1
and Jan as value 2---therefore comparing it to Dec and Jan of 2005. Any ideas
on how to change the way excel is reading these values?


Bernard Liengme

Tell us how the data is layout on the worksheet and where the "new" Jan is
best wishes


thanks for the reply. The worksheet is set up with the furthest left column
as Dec 2006 -reading left to right through Jan 2005 which is the furthest
right colum.
i.e., 12/06 11/06 10/06 ......12/05 11/05 ....1/05

Kelly O'Day

Still need some additional information. Three points, questions:

1. Data Organization: I suggest that you change your data arrangement. The
standard convention is to have x variable in column A and Y variables in
columns B, C, etc.

2. Date Format: Are you using actual dates to designate your months or are
you using text.

3. Chart Type: Are you using Line or XY (Scatter) chart type?

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