How do pair different data series.



I have 10 sets of data paired (y1,y2) for each x data point.
y1 is a integer and y2 is a percentage.

I have this pair of data across 10 x values (x1, x2, ...)

so x1 has 10 sets of y data (y1,y2),(y3,y4)...

What I'm trying to do is stack each (y1,y2) for each x value in a bar chart
BUT also group all the (y1,y2),(y3,y4)... across all 10 x values.

I also need two y-axis. One for the integer values and one for the
percentage values

So for the I can't figure it out. =(

Thanks for anyhelp out there!!! =)



Tushar Mehta

If you are using 'stacked' in the same way as XL does, then what you
want to do makes little sense to me. Of course, it might perfect sense
to you since it is your problem. {grin}

First, what does it logically mean to put a % bar atop a quantity
metric? Second, if you must do so then the two have to be on the same
axis. Otherwise there is no consistent basis for measuring the
quantities represented by the bars.

So, I will assume that what you want to do is put the quantity (y1)
adjacent to the % (y2), leave a small gap and repeat for the next set
of x values. Maybe, something along the lines
Dual Axis Clustered Column Chart


Tushar Mehta
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