How do I stop Vista automatically connecting to unsecured wireless networks?


Ian R


While setting up new laptops for friends recently, I found they were picking
up numerous unsecured wireless SSID's and automatically.connecting to the
first one it could.

Before I'd had chance to finish setting up our own secure wireless, I was
constantly having to disconnect the laptop from various unsecured

As soon as I had disconnected one unsecure connection it would simply
connect to another unsecured one.

Is there a way to prevent this?

What an irony - normally its a pain getting wireless to work!

As I needed to setup our own wireless network, switching off the laptops
wifi wasn't an option.

Thanks for any info.


Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin]

Go to Start > Network > Network and Sharing Center
click Manage network connections under 'Tasks'
Right-click Wireless Network Connection
Select Properties.
In the Wireless Network Connection Properties dialogue box, click the
Wireless Networks tab.
Select other wireless network like "Y5ZONE", "PCCW" and click Properties
Click Connection tab
Uncheck the box "Connect when this network is in range"

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