how do I speed Access handling of MS SQL data



I have an Access database where all of the data resides online in a MS SQL
database. Processing any of the data, whether through a query, report or form
takes way way too much time. How can I speed that up?


Is there a network involved? If so, is it a LAN (Local Area Network) or a
WAN (Wide Area Network)? See the article by Access MVP Albert Kallal:

Using a wan with ms-access? How fast, how far?

Are your fields indexed appropriately (ie. fields used to specify criteria
and/or sort orders)? What type of data access are you using (linked ODBC
tables, ADO, etc.)? If using linked tables, try deleting all table links,
compacting the database, and creating them from scratch again. This is
important to do anytime you make a schema change in the BE database (add or
remove an index, add or remove a field, etc.).

You really haven't given much information for anyone to go on....

Tom Wickerath
Microsoft Access MVP

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