How do I specify the CF runtime Version in VS 2005




I have my visual studio working again. And I have determined that my
problem deploying my program is this:

On my machine, when I deploy the program to my handheld VS 2005
automatically upgrades my device to CF 2.0.

But when I deploy the .CAB file to a user. The user has version 1.0 or 1.1.
Therefore the program does not work.

I read the help for How to specify the runtime version but the help speaks
to VS 2003, I have 2005. It is different.

So how do I specify the runtime version for the program in VS 2005?

James Lysaght



Ilya Tumanov [MS]

CF V2 needs to be installed on the device in order to run CF V2

Specifying runtime version won't do in this case, besides CF V1 does not
support it.

Your user can download CF V2 runtime here:

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When I use this version of CF I get an error that says the program requires
a newer version of CF. I do not know of a newer version but apparently
whatever is contained with VS2005 is newer then the version listed here.

Not to mention: When I install this version to my device I also then have to
do a complete reinstall on VS 2005 afterward.

Should I maybe download VS 2005 Beta 2?

James Lysaght


I think I have the clue now. I re-wrote the program in VS 2005 Beta
expecting it to be released back in march (don't know where I got that
info). The idea being I would then obtain a release copy and have my
program ready to deploy. Now I have the program ready, but VS2005 is not
yet in release. I am unsure about using the GoLive license. I don't want
to violate any rules.

If I understand it c`irrectly, I can deploy the program, but the user needs
to download CF 2.0 Beta 2 and sign GoLive License Agreement.

The License Agreement mentions Time Sensitive features that will expire. I
have no clue if this is applicable to me.

Any idea when VS 2005 will be released?

James Lysaght




When you want to specify the runtime version for a .NetCF app you can use the
application config file to say exactly which version of the runtime you would
like to run against. However this is probably not what you want in this case.
This blog article has tons of information about this topic:

If you would like your app to be supported by the v1 runtime you should
choose your project type to be Smart Device Application/Library/Console/etc
with the "(1.0)" tag after it in the New Project Wizard. (You may also be
able to change the project type in the project settings after you have
created it). Without the (1.0) tag you get the default 2.0 project that will
only run on a 2.0 runtime.

Your other option is to include the 2.0 netCF install in your app install so
that users will have it. I think msdn has some docs about what the best way
to do that is.
-Noah Falk

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