How do I show pictures when the "X" won't open



Some of my incoming email won't open pictures. The "X" icon shows but the
"open picture" doesn't work. I have unchecked the box so incoming mail does
show pictures. How/where can I find how to fix this in Vista?




Unfortunately, there are a multitude of reasons why this could be happening.
It could be your ActiveX settings in IE (Tools>Internet Options>Security
tab>Custom Level...) aren't configured properly. Another option is to
right-click the email on the "Download pictures" bar that appears and add the
email address that sent you the message to the Trusted Sites. I've seen this
error appear if you are using a bad email signature (one that contains some
ActiveX content, etc). I've even seen this error appear if Adobe Reader
wasn't installed on the computer. Those are places to check, obviously some
people will probably suggest other things too.


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