How do I Set XLS to default to Excel 2003



I am a teacher who uses 2003 since that is what is on the school network,
(and I personally prefer).
I sometimes have students who need to use 2007 so that , for example, they
can print/demonstrate the new conditional formatting.
I have a copy of 2007 enterprise on my laptop (for onenote and outlook) but
every time that I install excel 2007 it grabs the xls files for its own! I
have tried installing 2003 after 2007 and this seems to work ... for a while,
but when I run outlook office seems to 'repair' itself and xls is back to

How can I have both versions on my laptop but have the default be 2003?




Robert Flanagan

After installing 2007, run the following from the RUN command box of
windows. You may need to update the path of your 2003 excel.exe is in a
different location:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\excel.exe" /regserver

Every now and then you may need to re-run. I've noticed on a PC with both,
every now and then 2007 becomes the default.

Robert Flanagan

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