How do I set the default numeric format in Excel 2007 (XP)?



I want to change the default numeric format so anytime I create a new
spreadsheet the format comes up as 123,456.00. Currently the General Format
comes up so it displays as 123456. My regional option in control panel is set
as English (united states) and the number sample there would indicate that I
would get 123,456.789.00, however Number format is not what spreadsheets to
default to, how do I change this in 2007?



Dave Peterson

You can do it (but you won't want to!) by:

Creating a new workbook.

Change the normal style for numbers to be currency.
In xl2003 menus:
Format|style|select Normal|Modify
and change to the number format you want.

Save it as a template named book.xlt (.xltx or .xltm in xl2007???) and store it
in your XLStart folder.

xl2003 and below will use that template workbook when you create a new workbook
by clicking on the new icon on the standard toolbar.

The reason you won't want to use this is the way it treats any numeric
entry--even dates and times.

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