How do I restore saved file my wife killed?!



I was working on a Word document and had just saved it moments before my
wife, in a moment of pique, pushed the power button to shut down the
computer. Now I'm trying to open the document...that I had SAVED...but
getting the following message:
"Word cannot open the document.
Try one or more of the following:
*On the file menu, click Open to open the document.
*Make sure the document has a .DOC extension"

I've tried both of these with the same result. It does have a DOC extension.

I was able to open it in wordpad, but I'm only getting an earlier version of
it, without any of today's additions. This is a very important document to
me, please help v.v


none of those ideas work for me. most of them only can be used if you can
get any sort of file open. i cant get the file open in first place. the
couple suggestions for that didnt work either v.v

Graham Mayor

Use the version that you can open in Wordpad - save it from there, then open
in Word and redo the changes.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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tried that, no dice. document refuses to be opened in word. now, i did copy
and paste what it did have into a new word document, but all the changes i
had made yesterday were lost, and not even visible in the wordpad version,
and those are the things i was hoping to try and recover.

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