How do I remove sites from my trusted list?



I am trying to remove sites from my trusted list and add them to the
restricted list. When I go:tools-internet options-security-trusted
sites-sites, the remove button will not come on. It won't let me add them to
the restricted list until I remove them from the trusted list. These sites
keep giving me pop-ups (that I block every time I come on the computer), and
an unwanted toolbar at the bottom of my screen. I had a virus called
trojan.adwaheck, but I removed it, the scan shows no viruses now. Can anyone
please help me? I would really appreciate it ALOT!

MowGreen [MVP]

Have the system scanned here crudware( ad|spy|malware ):

Did you install MessengerPlus ? If so, uninstall, then reinstall it
without the "sponsor program".

Also, have a look here for some initial steps in removing crudware :

" Trojan.Adwaheck is a Trojan horse that contains both Adware and
backdoor Trojan functionality. "

MowGreen [MVP]
*-343-* FDNY
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