How do I remove page numbers from the first few pages?



I have the pages set to start page 1 on actual page 8. Right now, it prints
the numbers 1-7 on the first 7 pages then starts at 1 again on page 8. I
dont want the 1-7 numbers to print but I want the rest of the pages to. I
have a crazy setup so I have to be careful with what changes I make so
nothing gets messed up, so here it goes...

I have a loooong book. I have each chapter starting as a new section, the
first chapter starts on actual page 8. I have it set so it automatically
prints the pages so the first of each chapter prints on the right side of the
book using the Word settings (not manually inserted blank pages). I have a
different header for each chapter on the left page at the top, i have another
header on all the right pages which is all the same. I also have it set to
the first page of each chapter does not print the page number.

Everything I do to remove the 1-7 numbers on that first intro section of the
book seems to affect one of the other crazy settings I have done. How do I
get this straight?


None of your settings sounds crazy.

Just be sure the headers of Section 2 (your real page 1) have "Same as
Previous" UNchecked in the Headers&Footers toolbar (or ribbon tab
section); then go to the two headers in Section 1, select the page
number in the first of them, and delete it; then do the same for the
other header in Section 1.

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