How do I read a file sent using a web form?



I have an ASP.NET web form that has the following input control:

FORM name='UploadForm' method='POST' encType='multipart/form-data'
action=... runat='server'
INPUT type='file' id='importFile' size='60'

If I understand this right, when I hit the submit button the file
entered into the input should be passed to the next web page. What
I'm struggling with is trying to figure out how I can read or insert
that file into the newly opened page instead of saving the file to the

Does anyone have any suggestions or can point me to a resource for

Benjamin Fallar III

On my understanding, you have to wait for the file to be completely copied
to the server as temp file, then read the contents and post it to another
page, then you can delete the file if you don't need it.


Thanks for the response. Can you tell me where I need to look to find
out where on the server the file is being copied to?

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