How do I put cell data in between another cells data



My question deals with editing a description of a good.

What I would like to do is in cell A1 keep the data up to the first space in
that cell. At that point of the space I would like to enter in the data from
cell B1. After the insert of cell B1 I want it to continue on with the
description from cell A1 afer the space and added data. All this data needs
to be returned in cell C1. With a final outcome of;

A1= Widget A 1/2 widget
B1= (12345)
C1= Widget (12345) A 1/2 widget



How about one of these shorter formulas:

=SUBSTITUTE(A1," "," "&B1&" ",1)

This formula assumes that the contents of B1 are text, if it is a number
formatted to show negative with parenthesis then use this variation:

=SUBSTITUTE(A1," "," ("&-B1&") ",1)

If this helps, please click the Yes button.


Shane works marvelously I used a combination of both I have a mix of both.

Thanks so much!

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