How do I Print out address labels on 2 columns and 8 rows



I am trying to print out Christmas labels for my Christmas cards. I can only
get the label wizard to do it in 7 rows but I need 8. I can't get the
spacing right so that each address fits on. I have even tried to use custom
labels. The labels are 105mm by 37mm. There are no gaps inbetween them, a
space of 12mm at top and bottom of the page and a space of .5mm each side of
the page. The addresses are quite long. Fields needed: First name, last
name, address line 1, address line 2, area, city, region and post code. Help.



Duane Hookom

Does your printer allow you to print 12mm from the bottom of the page? If
not, you will need to increase the bottom margin and decrease the top

Is the detail section of your report set to 37mm?

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