How do I print just the text and not the background image in Word?



How do I set up a Word 2003document so the background image doesn't print and
is for position only. I am printing on letterhead and I don't want the text
to print over it.



Jay Freedman

If you inserted the background image through the Format > Background > Fill
Effects dialog, then go to Tools > Options > Print and uncheck the
"Background colors and images" box.

However, it's more likely that you inserted the image either with the
Watermark feature or by inserting a picture anchored in the header (which is
really the same thing). In that case, go to Tools > Options > Print and
uncheck the "Drawing objects" box. Note that this option will suppress
printing of _all_ graphics that aren't in line with text, as well as text
boxes (Insert > Text Box).

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