How do I play a DVD movie in XP?



I have a Compaq laptop with XP Home and a desktop with XP MCE. At one
point, both machines would automatically start and play a DVD movie
just by putting the disk in the drive.

Somewhere along the way I followed advice and disabled the autorun
function on both machines. I don't remember exactly how I did it. The
object was to avoid infection by malware.

Now I can't get a DVD movie to play on either machine. When I put in
a disk and click Open at the desktop it just shows a blank disk. I
know the disk is okay because it plays on my DVD player.

I tried to back out of the disenabling of autorun but I can't make any

I am not even sure that autorun has to be enabled. I would prefer to
leave it disabled if I can still play a DVD movie. Both machines seem
to read CDRs with no problem.

Must I execute a separate program to run the movie? It's been years
since I played a movie, so I forget the details.

Any help appreciated.


Ignore this post please. It was my error; the disk I had was a Blue
Ray and not a DVD. A real DVD works okay.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

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