How do I open a workbook at startup



I am trying to deliver an Excel Spreadsheet to my boss that will open up as
soon as he logs into the network.

The worksheet tracks projects and provides visual clues as to Due Dates.

We are running both Excel 2003 and 2007.

Has anyone done this?




Luke M

If you mean startup of XL:
Under Tools - Options, General, you can specifiy a folder to open all files
in. Place your file in this folder, then setup the option.

If you mean startup of computer:
Explore the start menu, doulbe click programs, and you should see a folder
called "startup". Place any programs/files you want opened upon login into
this folder (place shortcuts, not the actual file!)



Gord Dibben

See Excel help on "Startup" and select the section on "Automatically start
an Office program when you turn on your computer".

That gets Excel to open.

Then select the section on "Customize how Excel starts"

Click on "Use startup switches when you start Excel" to see the Command
lines you need to use to open a specific workbook when Excel starts.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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