How do I not plot zero values that result from a formula in Excel?



I have a data table with two rows.
One row calculates a percent complete value from the other row. The data is
monthly. I am charting the results.
The percent complete for a month is blank until I fill in the data for the
The chart is plotting the blank percent complete as a zero.
I set the chart options already to not plot blank cells, but I'm guessing
since there is a formula in there it doesn't think that the cell is blank.
What can I do?



Jon Peltier

The problem is that "" looks like a blank, but Excel does not treat it as a
blank. Excel treats it like any other text, and assigns it a value of zero.

Unfortunately Microsoft has not provided a function that returns a blank.
The best we can do is use NA(), which places an #N/A error in the cell. Line
and XY series do not plot a point if a cell contains #N/A.

Your formula should look like


- Jon

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