How do I move excel address lists to outlook. and vice versa.



If I have an address list in excel that contains First Name, Last name,
Title, Company, Address, Phone, Fax, Email. How can I assign a column to
cooridinate with the Name, address fields etc. in Outlook. And then how can
I choose certain outlook addresses to be exported back to excel. This would
make my life much easier.



Gord Dibben


This is how I do it.

The basics........Your layout may differ. Instructions here are for Name and
Email address only, but adjust to suit for more columns.

First have the names and email addresses in Excel in two columns.

I set up also a third column with the names duplicated so when you Import to
Outlook you have a name for the Contact and a Display Name instead of the
email address in the To: box.

File>Save As>File Type CSV(comma delimited)(*.csv)

Now open Outlook and File>Import/Export>Import from another file>Comma
Separated Values(Windows)>Next>File to Import(you can browse to your saved
*.csv file). Next you will be asked where to import them to. I bring mine to

Follow the instructions and you will get a Map. Drag your names and addresses
to the appropriate spots on the Map

1. Name of Contact
2. Email address1
3. Display Name(if you have one by making the duplicate column mentioned
earlier). If not, the email address wil be displayed in the To: box.

Continue with the OK's until Outlook pulls all from the *.csv file(should take
only a few seconds).

Now they are in the Contacts folder, you can group them as you wish.

To move to Excel, export from Outlook as a *.csv file and open it in Excel.

Gord Dibben Excel MVP

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