How do I manage a lot of resx files


Kenneth Jonsson

We have a product with several projects with a total of 130+ forms (and
resx-files). We are now about to look inte localization of the application,
it is probably only a question of translation of labels and meny items. We
can manage string resources separately in a single project with only the
string resources.
Do we have to end up with 130+ sattelite assemblies for each language?
Translators will have to manage meny single resx-files, but that is perhaps
not an issue.
I had hoped for that resx-files could be combined into one project creating
one satellite assembly for each language, but the connection from a dialog
class to its resource file is not obvious to me.
Please advice me how to manage the large number of resx-files to make the
business of localization and translation as simple as possible.



Larry Smith

For the benefit of others who may come across this (2.5 years after the original post), I offer a professional localization product that makes translating ".resx" files extremely easy. See

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