how do i make Excel 'remember' the custom formatting?



Thankfully and successfully I managed to format cells in Indian rupees like
12,34,567 and so on.
I saved the Blank book as mormal .xlt. But, when I click open the new file (
by clicking the new icon on the menubar) teh customised formats are not
available. I have to open the control N and then normal xlt from side bar.
ANy suggestion to make Excel 2003 remember the customised formats?



Gord Dibben

Save the workbook as a template named BOOK.xlt.

Store it in your XLSTART folder.

This will become the default workbook for File>New or New File Icon.

But don't click on File>New...Blabk workbook or you will get the Excel default
workbook which you don't want.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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