How do I make a text field word wrap in a query display?



I need to have a long text field perform wordwrap instead of trailing off the
right edge of the screen. I can use the horizontal scroll bar, but I prefer
to be able to see the entire field at a glance. Increasing the heigth of the
row a record is displayed in doesn't solve the problem. thanks in advance.

Allen Browne

The datasheet view of a query cannot have line heights that vary with each

Instead, create a report, and set the CanGrow height of the text box to Yes.
Mar 19, 2015
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Thanks for the advise, it works...however, i tried adding another paragraph in a text box but its line height extends up to 3 lines only when i set the textbox' CanGrow properties to "Yes". What will i do then to appear in my report the whole text in full.

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