How do I make a Flash movie play in Powerpoint on each slide visit



I've placed a brief Flash movie into a PPS that will be used as a kiosk
slideshow. The Flash movie plays fine during the first run, but when the PPS
loops the Flash movie does not restart — it only sits on the last frame of
the movie.

What do I need to do so that every time the slide containing the Flash movie
appears, the Flash movie will play?

Troy @ TLC Creative

Flash and PPT do not play well together... But you can definitely encourage
them to get along better.
- How did you insert the flash movie?
- Many of the third party add-ins that aid in importing will give you an
option to loop movie.
- You need to manually edit the properties. RIGHT CLICK on movie >>
PROPERTIES >> in properties dialog change LOOP to TRUE.
- Go to for lots of info on flash and PPT
- A good add-in is Shyam's toolbox which has a great insert flash tool
- Another very helpful add-in is the FREE FLASHBACK add-in
(, which will remedy a whole other
problem you will encounter when you get your movies to loop.

Best Regards,
Troy Chollar
TLC Creative Services, Inc.
troy at tlc creative dot com
www dot tlccreative dot com
A Microsoft PowerPoint MVP


Thanks. I'll look into these add-ins.

The SWF was added through the Control Toolbox>More Controls>Shockwave Flash
Object and then changing the properties.

Changing LOOP to TRUE does not work for what I need. Though it does keep the
movie looping, I only want the movie to play once on the slide then stop.
When the PPS loops and returns to the slide with the SWF, I want the SWF to
again play once and stop. (this works fine when using AVI files)

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