How do i insert music into a word document?



I am trying to insert a song into my word document and have no idea if it can
be done, or how to do it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Graham Mayor

You can insert a music file as an object. Clicking the icon will play the
track using the PCs default player for that type of file. Note that music
tracks have large file sizes, so if you are thinking of sending this
document to someone, don't do so via e-mail or you will become very
unpopular with the recipient (if indeed the file makes it through the e-mail
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Herb Tyson [MVP]

What version of Word? If you want a song to automatically play... you'd need
to look into using an auto macro of some kind. To insert a music file in a
document (assuming Word 2003 or earlier), try Insert - Object - Created from

In Word 2007, Insert ribbon tab - Object - Create from File...

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