How do I increase the size of slides in 2 slides per page handout?



I received a PowerPoint presentation which when printed in 2 slides per page
handout format displays slides of larger size than normal printouts of
similar format. I tried replicating this in my other presentaions by changing
the page setup to Letter Size (as was the size in the other presentation) but
the prinout size in the said format didn't change much. Choosing the "Scale
to Fit Paper" gives only a marginal improvement in the printout size. On the
contrary, choosing the same option in the said presentation reduces the size
of the slides in the handout prints. The only other difference I have noticed
in this presentation is that the ruler in the "Handout Master" view shows a
larger page size (approx 13"x8"). If there was a way to increase the page
size of the Handout Master, maybe the results could be replicated. I have
searched the PowerPoint help as well as the internet but haven't found any
hints on this topic. At the moment I am using a shortcut to replicate the
result by using the said presentation as a template and copying my slides
into it. But I want to know how this effect is created in the first place.

I'll be glad to send the above mentioned presentation to anyone interested
in seeing it.

Looking forward to your replies.




Echo S

PPT doesn't allow you to change the size of the slide images on its handout
pages. Could it be that the size difference you're seeing is the difference
between printing handouts with 2 slides per page vs, say, 3 slides per page?
(The 3/page are much smaller.)

The handout page size is tied to the slide size. You can see that under
File/Page Setup. What size is the page listed as there? The author of the
presentation may have specified a custom size.

So I don't really know how the person would have provided you with a PPT
file that would print handouts with larger slide images. (Sure wish I did,
though, as that would be very handy to know!)

Here are some thoughts for your other presentations:

If you go to File/Print and click Properties next to the printer name, you
may be able to set your page size to A4 or something. That's a little bigger
than letter sized paper, but I don't know that it will affect your slide
image size much. Perhaps you can set a custom page size there, though? Oh,
B4 paper would be about 13x10...

Oh, another thought would be that you could print to a post-script printer.
Most of these would allow you to do "n-up" printing. You could choose to
print "slides" instead of handouts and then use the post-script settings to
do 2-up "slides" as opposed to just printing handouts with 2/page. (See the
difference?) I don't know that that would actually change the size much
either, although I haven't tried it. Just thinking aloud.

File/Send to Word will give you a table with slide images that you can
resize. That is usually the workaround when one needs to print handouts with
larger slide images.

Shyam's Handout Wizard is a great add-in for this type of thing also.



Bill Dilworth

The handout master formatting is not user controllable. However, there is
an excellent add-in from Shyam that does everything you want (and maybe
more). See Hand-out Wizard:


Bill Dilworth
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