How Do I get Windows Movie Maker Installed


Woody at this computer stuff and interested in installing windows
movie maker. I have windows xp installed on my was
installed on my computer when purchased and I don't have dics to install it.
I can use the restore function but that would wipe out a lot of stuff that
would need to be reloaded . I understand it is part of service pack 2
which I have but when I look at my add/delete programs I don't see windows
movie maker there at all. Is it possible to get it by downloaded and
reloading service pack 2 from the microsoft site. or is there another site
where I can just download the movie maker I can't seem to find a site for
just the movie maker.

Thanks for any help you can offer

Larry Meyers

Gord Dibben

If you installed SP2 you probably have WMM 2.1

Default installion should be in C:\Program Files\Movie Maker

It does not show up in the Add/Remove list

Go to start>Run and moviemk.exe

There is no place to download "just" WMM 2.1 without installing SP2

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP


Thanks ever so much Gord. yep its there. tried to import a file but it
had a problem and had to close.........good ole microsoft. Maybe because I
don't have all the latest and greatest stuff on myh pc that it needs to
funtion. My computer is a wal Mart HP Special bought about 4 years ago.
At least I know it is there and will try playing with it more.

Thanks again and best to you

Larry in St. Louis Mo

Gord Dibben

You don't say what type of file you attempted to import.

Could be an incorrect type or any number of things.

Browse through the results of this google search concerning the "encountered a
problem and had to close" error message.

Probably find something appropriate.



Gord actually I don't even get tot he point of trying to import a file. I
get to the main screen of movie maker and after a few seconds the error comes
up that it has encountered a problem and needs to close and when I hit ok it
closes down

Will check out the group for error you suggested and
see what I can find.

Perhaps if my computer doesn't have the required cards and such that I read
windows movie maker needs maybe causing the problem



Did some browsing for the error code and it seems that some folks resolved
the issue by deleting Internet Explorer 7 and going back to IE 6. I run IE
7 perhaps this will help me can remove it and try again..............if no
luck will probably put IE 7 back on. I find it odd that a windows program
would causes trouble with another windows program and nothing about Microsoft
fixing the problem.



Movie Maker and IE7 work together but there is a problem in MM when too many
DirectShow filters are available (via 3rd party programs) on the system and
installing IE7 might be triggering the problem. MM crashes when loading the
filters. For example, hiding the WinDVD Creator folder by changing its name
prior to starting MM allowed MM to run on my system with IE7 installed. Once
MM had started normally the first time, it continued to run normally even
after the WinDVD creator folder was renamed again. Other multimedia software
could also be involved, WinDVD creator being just one example.

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