How do I get this multiple of string information to fit ina bookm



I have multiple rows that are meant to be multiple paragraphs. If I do not
include the bookmark command, the data comes out exactly how I want it.
However, if I use the bookmark command it only shows the last paragraph of
information opposed to the first one. How can I get this to work??

For i = 2 To 3
String0 = Worksheets("Bid").Cells(1, 2).Value & " : " &
Worksheets("Bid").Cells(i, 2)
String1 = "All Preparation Work as Stated Above"
String2 = Worksheets("Bid").Cells(1, 15).Value & " : " & "Apply " &
Worksheets("Bid").Cells(i, 15).Value & " coats interior flat latex paint of
highest quality"
String3 = Worksheets("Bid").Cells(1, 20).Value & " : " & "Apply " &
Worksheets("Bid").Cells(i, 20).Value & " coats interior flat latex paint of
highest quality"

'TestMarker = x.Selection.TypeText(String0 & vbCr & String1 & vbCr &
String2 & vbCr & String3 & vbCr & vbCr)

doc.Bookmarks("Scope").Range.Text = String0 & vbCr & String1 & vbCr
& String2 & vbCr & String3 & vbCr & vbCr

Next i


Adam: Bookmarks are a Word thing, so you'd be better off asking in a
Word.VBA newsgroup. But the first thing I would do is try setting
everything into one string first, and testing this string with a message box
to make sure everything came through okay. You say it is, apparently - if I
read you right, it's all going into TestMarker okay. What is TestMarker?
Is it Excel or Word? If it's Excel, then you are probably having difficulty
in the transfer of your data, and you would need to look at modifying this
transfer or using another method of transfer.


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