How do I get the VBA converter pack for EXCEL 2007?


Analog Dave

The message I get says search Microsoft Office Online for a VBA Converter Pack.
I have not found such a pack.
Help Please.

Shane Devenshire

Just wondering -

Now the question is will this work in 2007 since it is stated to be for 2002
(Excel X).


That is for 'Analog Dave' to find out :)

Hopefully he will share his findings with us.

Jon Peltier

People ask this from time to time, and since I'm unaware of any such
converter pack, especially for Excel 2007, I wonder about it. Where do you
see this message?

- Jon


I found this on MS KB...
which talks about...
"Error message when you try to open an Excel 5.0/95 workbook that contains a
VBA module sheet in Excel 2007: "Opening the VBA project in this file
requires a component that is not currently installed""

I believe the converter was released for Excel 2002...

Jon Peltier

Wow, that's ancient history.

Too bad Microsoft couldn't put a link to their own resource on a page on
their own site.

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services, Inc.

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