How do I get mouse acceleration back?


James Johnson

Hi, as you may already know, Windows XP comes with mouse
acceleration built-in so even though the enhance pointer
precision box is unclicked, there's still a little moues
acceleration. Now, I've gotten used to the acceleration
when I play FPS games but suddenly it has disappeared. Has
anyone else had this problem?

Well, I've tried changing the MouseSpeed, MouseThreshold 1
and 2 variables using regedit but I can never get it back
to what it was before. Does anyone know what values I can
put into them to get back the old, default mouse
acceleration feel or is there another way to reenable it.
Thanks for any help.


P.S. Clicking the enhance pointer precision box gives me
mouse acceleration but it's not the feel I want.

James Johnson

Well I didn't do any fiddling with my mouse because I
ended a game while I had mouse acceleration and then I
started it again and it was gone. Right now I have a
Logitech MX300 but I'm not using Logitech drivers because
I like the default mouse acceleration feel of Windows XP.
All I'm trying to do is get it back although I'm not
really sure how :p

Chris H.

Which is why I suggested to use System Restore. If it suddenly wasn't
working right yesterday, then go to a Restore Point from that day before
that, etc. Sometimes we just can't figure out what changed, if anything,
but going to a point prior to the unknown change can fix it.

James Johnson

I fixed the problem; I simply reinstalled the default
Windows drivers and it worked. This was kind of strange
but I guess Windows is like that. Thanks for the help.

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